A coach since he was 14 years old, passionate about football and with an incredible dream: to become one day the coach of the National Team of Portugal. Meet Henrique Silva, the coach of the Under-15 Club Desportivo da Cova da Piedade. 

1# How many years have you been a coach? What about this team?
 I started this path in 2005, 14 years ago. I’ve been in Cova da Piedade since 2017 and with the U15 team since the beginning of the season. 

2# Why did you choose to be a football coach? Why youth football?
The passion for this sport, and influence that we can have on the growth of athletes. Youth football its unique because of the intensity that athletes have pursuing their dreams, the dedication and passion they put into everything they do.

3# What is your biggest dream as a coach?
A: Without any doubt, to become the first national team coach.

4# What life situation would you ask for the VAR?
 For decisions that involve messing with the lives of others, it’s a curious question, I’ve never thought about it (laughs).

5# What do you prioritize in your training during the week?
 The priority is the development of decision making capacity, creating contexts where the athletes are challenged to decide and reflect on this decision process, that in my opinion is the best way to develop the knowledge of the game. I don’t have the illusion of teaching the game, I just guide the athlete, who learns is the athlete. So we can make the right decisions and have fun. 

6# Tell us what are the values that you most transmit to your players? 
Spirit of conquest, resilience, companionship, respect, fair play and also the will to succeed.

7# What did you like the most about IberCup Costa del Sol? What would you say to a coach who wants to get to know this tournament? 
 The aspect that pleased me the most is the positive climate, the joy with which everyone gets involved, there I didn’t see any upset faces, volunteers, staff, referees, employees. That being said there are no problems but only issues that need to be solved. Everything gets easier. The organization was at the highest level, the fantastic accommodation, the very good food, which is not usual in other places (laughs). To a Coach who doesn’t know the Costa del Sol, well try to give your athletes a different week, full of emotions, full of games, with fun and leisure in the mix, then this is the right Tournament.

8# Football for you is:
Passion, emotion, finally Football is Fantastic. 

9# Representing the Cova da Piedade club is:
 A privilege and a permanent challenge, to continue a past of conquests of glories, and to become a reference in the formation of talents.

10# The best coach ever for you is:
 José Mourinho

11# If you could put together a dream team where you could play among the 11. Who would be your team partners?
If I could put together a dream team, I’d put myself on the bench (laughs). It’s always difficult because we tend to look at the players who have marked us for some reason, so I won’t choose the best 11 in the world but those players I could see playing and that for sure reason have impacted me. Neur, Roberto Carlos, Sergio Ramos, Maldini, Dani Alves, Kanté, Rui Costa, Xavi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Ronaldo.

12# If you could introduce a professional player to your players, who would you introduce? Why?
 Fortunately I have already had the opportunity to bring several professional athletes to contact with my athletes, we have many examples, the Portuguese Player is highly valued, has a responsible profile, reliable, committed, highly competitive, competent and creative. It is unavoidable that this athlete was Cristiano Ronaldo, since he is the best example of all this, had a decisive role in changing the profile of the Portuguese Player. Even so, we have several young Portuguese appearing in the first league in top teams, João Félix (Atlético Madrid) and Trincão (SC Braga) both international teams for Portugal.